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© JD Haigh 2015



2018: Poetry and Structure public workshops, in collaboration with Dr Tara Stubbs, Oxford University   

      -  with research seed funding

2017:  The Architecture of the Sonnet, in collaboration with Dr Tara Stubbs, Oxford University    (https://vimeo.com/237529947 Click here)

2016:  Traffic exhibited at Whitstable Biennale Satellite Program (https://vimeo.com/156097683 Click here)

2016:  Temperance exhibited at Utopia:Dystopia, Bath Fringe Arts Festival

2016:  Presentation of art practice at the MA forum at UCA Canterbury

      -  A 25 minute powerpoint  presentation with Q & A

2016:  Micro-residency at Mac Birmingham

      -  A 4 day collaborative artist’s Lab to activate new art projects in the West Midlands

      -  funded by Turning Point West Midlands

2015:   STRYX interdisciplinary artists’ residency for 2 months, Birmingham

      - Three public showings of work at the Digbeth First Fridays

      -  New site specific work installed and documented (https://vimeo.com/145418964 Click here)

2015:  Chimera shown by Pale Blue Dot for the Lost & Found exhibition, Brighton

      - Rated in the top 5 exhibitions in Brighton (https://palebluedot1.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/lost-found-in-brighton/ Click here)

2014:  Guest artist at The Boundless Museum Art Installation, by Jon Lockhart

- An opportunity to create site specific projections at Reading Museum and Art Gallery

- Funded by the Arts Council

2014:   Chimerical Waypoint(s), a joint exhibition with Jon Lockhart   (https://vimeo.com/109168187 Click here)

- At Oxfordshire Visual Arts Development Agency (OVADA) for three weeks

- As part of the OVADA Oxford Open Professional Development Award

- With special guests PADDOX, Oxfords Art Musicians, live for one night of the exhibition

- With support from Dr Tara Stubbs for the artist’s discussion evening

2014:   A commissioned, collaborative project with Dr Will May

       - Beacon: A visual and musical installation about the life and works of Poet F.T. Prince

 - Presented to an Oxford summer school study group run by Sally Bailey

2014:   Video screening for the Oxford City Council’s Launch for Low Carbon Week

      (See: http://vimeo.com/80721971 Click here)    

-Temperance was chosen from an open call for artists working in relation to environmental issues

2014:   An ongoing collaboration with the Art Music group PADDOX

      - Asked to create video pieces to accompany music by PADDOX on social media and for live performances

2014:  Screening of a Video at Whitstable Biennale in collaboration with Musician Luke Ellis

2013:   Participator in a conference at Turner Contemporary (See: http://vimeo.com/81941205 Click here)

-Commissioned to create a piece of artwork in relation to Turner and Constable: Sketching from Nature

In collaboration with the MA Curatorial Students at UCA and two other Alumni MA Fine Art Students

2013:   Oxford Open at OVADA,  (See: http://vimeo.com/83376099 Click here)    

-Chosen for a group show from over 200 local applicants and won the Professional Development Award

2013:   Oxford Art Circus, Fusion Arts

-Participator in an ‘affordable art’ show. Created and sold works for under £50

2012:   Solo Exhibition, Whitstable Biennale Arts Festival

-Created, organised and installed a print-projection at the Kent and London Furniture Showroom

-This event ran over three weekends and my exhibition attracted over 500 visitors.

2012:  Group Exhibition, Pie Factory, Margate (See: http://vimeo.com/43776834 Click here)

-Entitled Cognition; myself and a group of four artists explored a range of creative specialisms

-This created an inter-disciplinary forum in association with UCA at Canterbury.

2011:  MA Portfolio Exhibition, Fishslab Gallery, Whitstable ( See: http://vimeo.com/34433780 Click here)

      - Organised, managed and curated a one week  retrospective show of my work from the MA year

-Attracted over 200 visitors and boosted my sales and local profile significantly

-Secured promotional and technical support from local art dealers and the University for the Creative Arts

2011:   MA Final Show, UCA, Canterbury ( See: http://vimeo.com/29189194 Click here)

-An opportunity to publicly show the final piece of visual work with which I achieved a Distinction

-Three consecutive years of hanging paintings for sale in Whitstable’s busiest community art show

-Led to local sales and the commissioning of further paintings, attracting over 600 visitors

2006-2001:  Artweeks, Oxford

      - Various non-selling exhibitions featuring the art inspired by daily life and a meditation practice.


© JD Haigh 2015